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Risks are inevitable in life. We may not have the power to control some aspects of life, but we have the power to determine to what extent these aspects can affect us. In businesses, there are different risks that we may face. Some of these are insurable under trading insurance. Some of the perils that may be insured under motor and trading insurance are outlined below.

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Fire is a friend as well as a foe. It has the ability to destroy everything within its reach. It is therefore important to insure your vehicles and business premises as well as the stock from fire. It will save you a lot of money in case of accidental fires. However, not all types of fires are insurable. In some states, fires brought about by natural perils like lightening are not coverable. Other states try to be as comprehensive as possible in their policies. For a person to be compensated for damage caused by fire, it must be proven to be accidental.

Workmen compensation

In the course of their work, an individual may be hurt by machinery in the organisation. Under such circumstances the insurance firm will help in compensating the employee with respect to the level of injury caused. Sometimes, the employee may be incapacitated and thus may require long term cash transfers. The employee may also have been hurt by other employees in the organisation. This type of insurance may come in handy especially in situations where the business is not very liquid.


Motor vehicles are prone to so many accidents. These may hurt the driver, the passengers or third parties. All these people will require medical attention and some may even require very expensive care. The business may not be at a position to cover all these expenses but in the presence of an insurance policy, the company may not suffer extensively. Accidents are inevitable sometimes and thus it is up to the organisation or the business owner to be prepared to cover for the consequential expenses.


Not all the people around have your best interest at heart. Once in a while we come across thieves who may take away valuable business assets or even the cars. These are things that require considerable amounts of money to replace. Employees may also engage in theft in the organisation. The insurance held will cover the replacement costs. This will prevent loss of greater amounts of money especially if the assets stolen are a core part to the activities of the organisation.

Comprehensive covers

Some organisations will offer comprehensive insurance covers for business or motor vehicles. These policies cover a wide array of events and are thus very economical to the business. However, it is wise to go through the contract carefully to know what is covered and what may be missing.

Factors to consider when selecting the insurance cover required

The risk of a certain event occurring can be determined by actuaries. They should be consulted when planning to insure your business. There are so many things that can be insured and thus the business needs to insure on the most important and likely perils. Covering all risks will be very expensive for the business. The policies offered by different companies should be compared to get the best deal possible. In addition, the type of business need to be highly considered as it gives an idea on the risks the business is facing.